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27 September 2010 @ 07:39 pm
this is for all my people who lost somebody  

broken things

fandom: fairy tail
characters: lisana, natsu, gray, erza
a/n: I was inspired by runic_binary when she wrote about Lisana dying – as always, I can only write angst. Anyway, this doesn't really make sense since she’s actually alive. I made up some things like Gray, Natsu and Lisana playing together, that Gray crafted ice cats for Lisana. Since she likes Happy and everything. And the marriage thing between her and Natsu. Yup.


In one way or another, Lisana’s death had formed cracks in their hearts.


For Erza, it had been another comrade gone, forcefully taken away from her grasp. For Gray, Lisana had been like a sister, special in her ways. For Natsu, he had promised to marry her, and now, how was he ever going to fulfil it?


And so Erza steeled her expression as she put on her armour, and swore that she would become stronger, stronger, stronger. Gray put on his gloves and crafted ice until he didn’t feel the cold anymore. Natsu tried to fill the cracks – but he was always so empty, so blank.


And time passed, and sometimes the pain grew tolerable. Erza could sometimes look at Natsu and Gray and see past the vision of a little girl squeezed in between them. Sometimes, Gray could craft miniature cats without cringing. And sometimes, Natsu could smile like he really meant them.