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19 January 2010 @ 10:36 pm
that shade of turquoise blue  

fandom: fairy tail, crossover with harry potter
character: erza, jeral
title: just the girl
footnotes: okay, so this is really just to pimp this post at fairy_flash  


There was a hushed silence in the library.


Students lingered about its large confines, some scuttling around on top of ladders, searching for a specific book. In between the rows of shelves, dark eyes spotted a scarlet haired girl seated by the library desks. Set on the dark mahogany wood, were a tall stack of books.


Erza was furiously flipping past pages of a thick, well-worn book, her ruby eyes deep set in concentration.


Her onlookers looked up, mesmerised by the speed of which the pages were flying. The librarian, however, looked unimpressed. Oh, she could have easily done that as well.


Erza paused for a short second, eyes lighting up in enlightenment, and pulled out a piece of parchment paper.


Almost daintily, she dipped her brush in ink and started writing.


The blue haired boy smirked in amusement, and stepped out of the shadows, pulling out the chair by her. There was no response, other than of the scratching tip of her feather.


Jeral coughed, feeling self-conscious.


“So, uhm,” he started, “can I borrow your assignment?”