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05 January 2010 @ 02:43 pm
if this is how it goes, I tried but I don't know  

fandom: fairy tail
character: gray
inspiration: episode 11
title: regret
footnotes: I really need to write more and get my writing muse back! Ahh, the second part is kind of disjointed since I wrote it in third person originally. But you don’t need to know that, yep. Anyway I’ve been a bad mod, I’m so, so sorry!



In front of you is a block of ice, encasing the monster, Deliora. Your heart stops. A flood of memories fill your mind, fogging over your vision.

The same monster, atop a snowy mountain, each step crushing the earth, each movement leading to destruction – a village is brought down to ashes. You stand before this monstrosity.

First, there is fear. You freeze.

A woman, so familiar, comes to mind. Her face is scrunched in determination as she flings you away. The monster turns around – a face of malice. The woman’s back is to you, she is a valiant figure.

Then, there is anger. White hot, fuming anger.

And pain. Lots of pain.

A life’s worth of regret.

You have people you can never forget.

There is Ul, your mentor. She gave you everything you are now – your identity, your magic, your life. You have brought nothing but trouble for her, and so the memories are nothing short of pain, of sharp regret.

You are the cause of her death. You are the one who took her life away.

 The magic in you sparks off, growing, infused by emotions.

“I ain’t gonna let you get away with throwing dirt on Ul’s name!”

blackmarquiseblackmarquise on January 5th, 2010 11:33 am (UTC)
Oh gray...
I always thought that that adventure on that Isle, must have been traumatizing for him.
Deliora is both a reminiscence of his parents' death and Ul's sacrifice.

your last sentence, shows that his willing to do whatever it's takes to stop Dekiora's return...

It's so sad
japanesebread on January 5th, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
Always felt so too. :/ Deliora took everything away from in, in a sense.