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14 August 2009 @ 12:03 am
this used to be a funhouse now it's full of evil clowns  

fandom; fairy tail

character; erza, jeral

title; brand new story

footnotes; OTP FTW!



brand new story


There is a memory she has, one that she keeps close to her heart.


All she remembers is the black, black, black of the sea water, and that she is drowning, drowning, drowningso someone please save her“Erza!” “Erza!” “Erza!” – when she jolts awake and she sees Jeral, only Jeral, and his face is pale with fright and concern and his eyes so close to tears, and he is screaming her name.


She doesn’t remember that they are sopping wet and cold and hungry and in rags –


Erza remembers falling in love.




It is when Jeral is once again in tears and calling out her name when she remembers the black and white spots and the dark seas, it’ssodarkandscarysavemejeral, when she stops breathing.


There is a raw feeling of fear that envelops her, as panic claws at her, so rapidly and desperate, and it is all she can do to stop screaming for help.


The tears fall uncontrollably, just like they always do when Jeral is involved.


Jeral can’t die.




She remembers to breathe, to run and to attack because she has to save him.




It is hours later when the battle has ended, and the barren ground is littered with debris and traces of destructive magic throughout.


There is blood in her mouth, cold and metallic, but the soreness and the pain doesn’t come, instead, there is content.


They sit together, battered and bloodied, but Erza can’t help but think he looks contented as well.




Their hands find each other.


The process is so strangely familiar yet foreign, and Erza doesn’t find her chest going tight or the butterflies in the stomach – there is a strange calmness in the action.


There is a silent understanding between the pair, and they feel like they’ve journeyed miles and miles just to get here.


The sun starts to rise, coloring the dark sky with tinges of orange and red, and there is a flicker of hope that burns within.


It’s a whole new beginning.

erianna: TTGL; sweet stranglerenaliner on August 16th, 2009 02:06 am (UTC)

I am so proud. <3

Also, it seems like you have been writing a lot lately! I am impressed.
japanesebread on August 16th, 2009 05:03 am (UTC)

It's not that I don't like happy endings, it's just that the rest trail off sadly, you get my point?

I've got another unfinished piece but the weekend has been busy. :D:D:D It's another Jeral/Erza!